A common cause of restless agitation: trying to keep up with everyone else. (Aren’t we all suffering from this?)

We should treat our interests like we treat our most meaningful relationships. Those most meaningful relationships mean so much to us because we’ve broken our backs and exhausted ourselves to maintain them. The same should be true of our interests. When a creator expresses interest in a trendy subject – which means expressing interest only because everyone else is expressing interest – the interest which most needs to be expressed calls out, “express me!” And so we neglect our love of dark chocolate, ceramics, anime, Harry Potter, and other “nonsense.”

As the proverb goes, when hungry, eat. Likewise: when interested, express. This puts the responsibility on you. It’s not up to “Them” to first be interested in whatever strangeness you’re into. Waiting for the world to be as nuts about whatever ‘weird’ thing you’re into is a game for fools.

P.S: happy valentines day.

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