1101110010110110101 (don’t bother translating, I typed at random.)

Ones and zeros. Binary code can’t be only zeros, otherwise everything’s null and void. Can’t have only ones either because ones make zeros effective. In binary code, ones and zeros need to mingle around. Ones and zeros interlock, intersect, and interplay to form a cohesive whole.

What does this have to do with making stuff? While binary code is almost impossible to read without a translator, it’s quite simple when it comes to creativity. We need ones and zeros. Too many zeros – too many null inputs – less likely you’ll get a one. Too many ones, well, that’s unlikely because eventually you’ll get a long string of zeros.

The most regrettable decisions: choosing the long string of zeros. Stalling instead of building. Waiting around instead of being proactive. Burying opportunity under a zero-sum attitude. Investing in laziness. An empty portfolio. A job that doesn’t fit. Nothing but choices that leave you with nothing but regret. And the longer you spend with these choices, the harder it’ll be to dig yourself out.

Zero is a magical number. You can’t get to one without having zero.

One is a magical number. You can’t get to two without having one, can’t get to one without having zero, can’t get to three without having two, can’t get to four without having three…

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