Are you checking or producing?

I put off writing the sentence you’re reading now by checking to see if some online bills went through.

I spend most of my time thinking I’m being productive, when really, I’m being administrative. You know blogging is scary when you procrastinate by checking to see if your bills finished processing.

I spent most of my time thinking I’m being administrative, when really, I’m being productive. I resist tabbing to Canva while checking my bills and taxes, etc.

There’s a distinction between productive tasks and administrative tasks. Administrative tasks aren’t creative. Important – yes – it’s good to know that your check hasn’t bounced, but creative? Hardly. You can’t directly produce a blog post by tabbing over to your bank account.

Productivity, according to Google:

(Especially crops!)

Writing this post is productive. I’m in a state (or quality) of producing a blog post. I’m producing it. I’m not administrating anything. I’m not checking to see if WordPress is up and running. I’m writing. I’m producing. And it’s because I’ve suspended judgement of what I’m writing that I’m able to keep writing.

Administrating, on the other hand, requires no judgment. You simply check to see which boxes are filled. Though I guess the judgment comes when you haven’t paid your bills on time or fallen behind on your taxes. But it’s a different kind of judgment compared to the beating your head against a wall feeling of writing.

Productivity means you’re producing something. Creativity means you’re producing something. Administrating means the opposite: checking to see if what you produced is still there. Our desire to check, administrate, control, is what most often gets in the way of our productivity. The problem is most insidious when we confuse administration with production.

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