Imagine having access to all the world’s information in your pocket. Think of all the millions and millions of websites. All the .coms and .blogs and .lols (yes that’s a real extension). Imagine the weird, quirky, strange, helpful, shocking, scary websites — websites that cover the full scope of humanity from the best to the worst. The darknet. Brightnet. Darkweb. Brightweb. Image boards with anonymous posters. Corporate websites with impenetrable mission statements. Abandoned domain names as eerie as abandoned shopping malls. Visualize the histories of societies, the greatest lectures from the greatest professors, available to you, just around a www. Can you put in your minds eye the infinity of the internet? Good luck. It’s like trying to imagine the size of the universe.

Now imagine a few organizations saying to you “to hell with infinity! It’s much safer over here. And look! Your friends and family are here, too.” And because you’re so suggestable, you’re convinced. You believe them. You let these organizations lasso you into a cage. And after years of living in this cage, you’ve fooled yourself into believing that the bars represent the boundaries of the world.

It seems that anytime we find a final frontier, our first instinct is to shrink it. Eventually space itself will be nothing more than a cul-de-sac.

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