Less this, less that, yeah okay I get it. Less is more. Sure, less is more, until less becomes limiting.

I’m in favor of the pursuit of more – meaningful more – the pursuit of moments that enrich our lives, revitalize our senses, and refresh our spirit.

Take your picks:

More laughs.

More conversations.

More connection.

More opportunity.

More play.

More time.

More mistakes.

More freedom.

More of whatever weird thing you’re into.

These pursuits aren’t necessarily required for a happier life. But they are available. We usually forget this.

“Ask and you shall receive” means to ask yourself for what you want. Do you want more? It’s not a matter of if they want more. It’s a matter of if you want more. Ask yourself what you want, then go find reasonable and ethical ways to get it.

And if more isn’t your thing, you can always ask for less. Less time, less opportunity…this is the defeatist perspective of less is more. Don’t ask for more because you don’t deserve it. Don’t ask for more because life’s unfair or that it’s selfish to have more of whatever it is you want. Well, chain yourself to an anchor and jump into a lake if that’s what you want. Your choice.

More is what you’ll get if more is what you seek. So seek wisely.

Be a minimalist of shit you hate, and a maximalist of things that enrich your life.

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