Can someone please tell me which one I’m supposed to do?

Finding your passion says your passion is out there. Finding your passion means to go shopping. If you can’t find your passion – your favorite brand of passion – ask if they have any in the back. And if they’re all out, you have permission to raise hell because it’s ALWAYS in stock, could you get the manager?

Following your bliss says there is no treasure hunt. No searching. No flipping over tables trying to find the remote controller of your life. Following your bliss means to align with the light that guides you. To the degree, of course, that you have any sense for the light that guides you, any sense to listen to your inner currents. Your bliss is already there, in you. You just have to follow it. Simple, right? So why the confusion? Why even raise the question, follow your bliss or find your passion? Because we’ve conflated two narratives: finding your passion and following your bliss. They’re almost the same idea, but unless we break them down, we’ll confuse one for the other.

And besides, when you find your passion, what are you supposed to do with it? With the bliss narrative, there’s less uncertainty about what you’re supposed to do with this ‘thing’ that you’ve found. Like I said earlier, bliss is within you. You have it. It’s there. Right under your nose. You just need to open your eyes to it. I’d rather subscribe to that narrative than to spend my life in a treasure hunt that might never end. But at the same time I realize that the point of the game, of the treasure hunt, is that it shouldn’t end. Though it’s reassuring to know that life doesn’t need to be a hunt, a game with an end point – that life is something that is.

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