There’s no use delaying it.

“But I need time to think these ideas through.” Okay, why not think through your ideas by writing them? Writing your ideas means you’re actively working through your thoughts, structuring them, giving your ideas form and logic.

If you’re thinking without writing, it’s as if you’re only daydreaming, imagining – and then patting yourself on the back for how smart (you think) you are. Imagining is thinking passively. Writing is thinking actively. Writing is daydreaming on purpose. Daydreaming is writing on accident. We fall into daydreams when we’re bored. We write when we invest interest in what we daydream about.

There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming. Thinking through writing is just daydreaming plus a little extra work.

So, why don’t you just write the damn thing? Why the delay? What’s the holdup?

It doesn’t matter that you get it right the first time. What matters is that you actually write.

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