F11 at The Picnic

(Or control command F if you use Mac.)

Full-Screen mode is the original productivity hack. It’s the best productivity hack, in my opinion. It works because it’s impossible to do our best work next door to a raging social media feed or an inbox you’ve already checked. You just press 1 button and poof — no more distractions.

Imagine having a picnic with your spouse. You’re sitting on the archetypal red and white blanket. There’s a wooden basket of tuna sandwiches cut in triangles. And because it’s 2021, you’re exhibiting a new archetypal behavior: you’re checking your email. Your spouse looks annoyed. What’s the matter? You’re here, you’re at the picnic, so what’s the problem? The problem is that you’re not really here. You’re in 2 places at the same time. You’re at the picnic, and you’re at work. You’re split – moving back and forth between leisure and work. Check some email, eat some tuna, check some email, eat some tuna…

The only solution is to F11. To be fully immersed in your leisure. To be in one place and one place only: here.

Leisure time. Work time. No such thing as leisure/work time.

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