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Diversify your inputs for better outputs

Sylvain Reiter

This conversation is for people who love websites, web design, blogging, technical and creative thinking. It’s a conversation for the neeeerrrrrrrrds!

Sylvain Reiter (@sylvainreiter) is the cofounder of CYBERDUCK, a web design firm based in the UK. In this conversation we chat web design principles for novices and pros.


Sylvain on Twitter

Sylvain’s website

In this episode we cover…

  • How to design a website that works (4:00)
  • Balancing technical thinking with design thinking (14:00)
  • Tools and tricks for deep work (20:00)
  • Books for mental strength (27:00)
  • Find your dream problems (32:00)
  • Bad web design (35:00)
  • HTML 5 killing Adobe Flash (37:00)
  • How to practice programming (38:00)
  • Public speaking (44:00)
  • Skiing in P.E class!? (50:00)
  • Being a dad (53:00)
  • Shoutouts and sendoffs (55:00)




Andre Agassi’s Autobiography

The Inner Game of Tennis

Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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