I’m 27 years old.
(I opened Calculator.exe to subtract 2021 from 1994, just to be sure. Where did the time go?)

I’m watching myself becoming someone who values character development above the pursuit of status or wealth or fame. (Well, I hope so. There are days when I wish I had it all handed to me on a silver platter without any work whatsoever).

What I’m attempting to do is figure out the development of the proper character that, in consequence of developing it as fully as I can, across time, produces an amount of wealth, status, and fame that I can reasonably manage. What I’m attempting to do is to choose the elements of my character carefully. If I’m not careful, then I’ll build negative qualities into my character. I’d rather not let that happen.

Regarding my character development, here are a few questions I’m considering today:

Wealth: do I want so much money that I can’t decide what to do with it, so I end up dead drunk in the back alley grotto of some whiskey stained casino? Or do I want just enough money to satisfy my biology, and perhaps buy some cool experiences for me and the people I love?

Status: do I want to use my status – whatever that becomes, whether I become materially successful or not – to tyrannize innocent people? Or do I want to use whatever degree of influence I come to as a force for social good?

Fame: If my name is not immortalized in the households of millions of people, will I allow myself to be so corrupted by the desire for recognition that I’ll perceive myself as a failure?

It seems to me that as long as there are experiences to be had, there are always lessons to be learned.

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