How do I build an audience?

Is this the right question? I’m not sure. Maybe you really can build an audience in the same manner that you build a house. Brick by brick. Well, what are the bricks? I think the bricks are questions you need to ask yourself so that you build the right audience.

The right audience, because it’s not like the entire world is going to care about what you talk about. And it isn’t as if carefully building an audience will guarantee that even your most ardent fans won’t unsubscribe once you talk about things “off-brand”/”not in your lane”/controversial/nuanced/political/etc.

Here’s some questions that I’m considering as I keep recording podcasts and writing blog posts:

How can I get better at communicating my ideas?

What useful/valuable/entertaining/interesting things can I create for people?

How can I document my journey forward?

Am I sticking to what’s interesting to me, instead of what’s interesting in the moment?

Am I treating each day as an opportunity to practice my craft?

Am I putting in the work more often than my tendency to see if I’m getting the results that I think I deserve? In other words, am I ignoring vanity metrics?

Am I making friends?

Am I taking steps today that will increase my chances of being able to do all of this tomorrow, next month, next year?

Am I investing in my health? / Am I building an audience in a way that’s healthy for me? Am I working to give myself opportunities to improve, to have meaningful conversations, to practice writing and speaking and designing and shipping on time?

Am I in it for the reward, or am I in it for the journey?

Finally, do I understand that there is no shortage of people who hate success?

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