Half baked blogs

A problem with blogging everyday: how can I write something valuable or useful if there’s a deadline every 24 hours? Won’t I undercook my thoughts?

A month to think gives you a month to think carefully. Or a month to overthink, or waste time. 24 hours to think of something is plenty of time to notice something worth sharing. Shipping a blog post everyday is a commitment that forces you to see, to take notice, to pay attention.

Our long lifespans fool us into thinking that just because we might live until 90 means procrastinating on paying attention to our lives is acceptable behavior.

What’s the best motivator to write everyday, and to keep writing everyday? An acceptance of your vulnerability. An acceptance of “oh yeah, I’m going to die. Might as well say everything I want to say before that happens.” Morbid, sure, but you try procrastinating on things you enjoy doing once you realize that tomorrow may never show up. Good luck.

P.S it took me 20 minutes to write this.

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