“What is the most productive – however flawed or imperfect – view or orientation toward myself and what I can offer to the world? What is the content of the good that I can generate, or produce? These are the questions you must ask yourself. They don’t lead to answers, to dead ends. They lead to paths of possibility. These questions lead to more questions.”

I wrote this at the coffee shop I usually go to every Saturday to write my newsletter. I finished writing my newsletter, closed my laptop, put my phone in my backpack, and sat. Soon, thoughts that became these questions started to bubble to the surface. Luckily the coffee shop doubles as a Minimalist-New-Age-Yoga-Mom retail store (an aesthetic I’m not trying to be cynical about: I am a fan of the Minimalist-New-Age-Yoga-Mom aesthetic thank you very much). I walked in and bought a pack of these tiny journals called THE ADVENTURE LOGS. And then I wrote what you see above.

I’ve been thinking about these questions – and the questions they spawn – a lot. Where will they take me? Who will I meet? What challenges will I face? Answer: I don’t know. And thank God for that. If I knew, I wouldn’t ask.

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