Today I released the 50th episode of my podcast. It’s been amazing.

Why a conversation? Why ‘conversate’? Why not come armed with a gotchya, an edge, a performative high ground over the other? Why is it 2 hours long and not 20 minutes?

Because ‘conversation’ means to converse. Part of the reason why I’m so stoked to host my podcast every week is that I get to converse with people. I just looked it up: to converse means to keep company. A conversational podcast, done well, keeps the guest, and the host, and the audience in good company. In good spirits. Interested. Engaged. Cared for.

Around episode 15 I learned that to do a good conversational podcast well, I needed to take the words guest and host seriously. By hosting my podcast, I’m opening my arms to my guests views, stories, and even their disagreements. Especially their disagreements. Disagreements excite the hell out of me. I don’t know why, but I love a good disagreement. And I don’t just mean a philosophical disagreement. I mean an experiential disagreement.

To live differently – which is what we’re all doing – I think, is to disagree with everyone. I live my life differently than you do, you don’t live yours the way I live mine. And although we can crossover like a Venn Diagram, our lives are built out of completely different material. I’ve seen these things. You’ve seen those things. I’ve learned these lessons. You’ve learned those lessons. What we most share in common with one another is difference itself. Difference is what makes life beautiful. Difference should be celebrated as hard as New Year’s Eve.

Indifference, on the other hand, is what we get when our differences are ignored.

Never settle for indifference. Differences are what make people so damn interesting.

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