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It doesn’t really matter what kind of goal that you make, you just have to make something and go towards it and new doors will open along the way. Something always happens when you start to take steps forward.

John Daub

It’s conversations like these that make me glad I started podcasting.

This is a rerelease of episode 16 of The Penguin Latte Podcast. It’s a conversation with John Daub (@ONLYinJAPANtv), creator of the hit YouTube series Only In Japan with John Daub! It’s my favorite thing on the internet, by far. John Daub is the most spirited and hard working creator I have had the privilege of speaking with. He’s got a heart of gold and an admirable work ethic paired with a dedication to serve the culture of Japan.

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ONLY in JAPAN with John Daub

In this episode we cover…

  • Why is storytelling so important to John Daub? (10:00)
  • Stories of life in Japan, challenging videos (13:00)
  • Why did John Daub start making videos about Japan? (20:00)
  • “If you can find a way to make something fun, you can accomplish anything” (22:00)
  • How to combine hard work and positivity (25:00)
  • “If you are presenting positive work and smiling throughout it, you connect with people that might not be feeling good and it has a positive effect.” (29:00)
  • “Community is everything.” (31:00)
  • “When I felt really bad as a person, I would create – anything!” (32:00)”
  • John Daub’s Work ethic: “I feel so blessed to have this job” (36:00)
  • John Daub’s personality in his edits and livestreams; putting a Go Pro in a toilet!? (41:00)
  • THE LAST QUESTION: Dream jobs, positivity, goal-setting, and tying it all together (42:00)



Onsen baths

Young Frankenstein – humor and personality in film editing

Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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