I think it’s time I upgrade

More than 2,200 people have downloaded episodes of The Penguin Latte Podcast.

I’ve finished 7 trailers (yet to update that page) for some amazing podcast hosts and online course creators.

I’ve made my mark, developed my style, and learned how to best present work for my clients while using junk software I downloaded in high school. Sony Movie Maker blows. It crashes, takes forever to render, and using it feels like it’s 2005. This isn’t a brag. This is a light-hearted warning. Don’t be lazy. Upgrade your damn tools!

Bigger audience. Bigger responsibilities.

Time to upgrade. This is long overdue.

At first I considered Adobe Premiere. This is what the big baller shot callers use, right?

I told Chris. He pointed me to DaVinci. I checked it out. It’s free. Wait – it’s free!?

I like it so far.

Adios, 2005. さよなら, rapid Control + S so I don’t lose progress every 2 seconds.

Hello 2021. Hello proper color correction and dozens of time-and-mental-health-saving features.

P.s: I also upgraded from WordPress basic to WordPress premium. Hence, the new theme.

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