Hate retirement love work

“Work sucks.” Read: I hate my job

“Retirement sucks.” Read: I loved my job and wish I never stopped doing it.

The myth of retirement as espoused by corporate America is a bad idea. As if martinis on the beach give our lives meaning. As if the existence of crappy jobs and bureaucrats means that there are no good jobs and no good bosses.

Retire? Why the hell would I want to retire? Sure, I’ll get old and I won’t be able to play basketball with the boys back home. Our brains and bodies will decompose and eventually we’ll die. Great. The quicker we accept that, the better off we’ll be.

But retire in the sense that I’ll never do anything worthwhile with my time ever again? Treat work as if the point of it is to eventually never do it for as long as I live? Do you think that Mother Terresa looked forward to the day when she never had to help someone ever again?

Thanks, but I’ll pass.

As if sipping martini’s on the beach is what I’d rather do than engage with the world, create art, learn new things, and talk to interesting people.

I accept that one day I’ll be too old to work. But I’ll never accept that the meaning of my life is to work until I’m too old.

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