A strange question to ask on a podcast

‘What do you enjoy most about being alive?’

Lately I’ve become obsessed with asking people this question on my podcast. I don’t know where the question came from, or why I thought of it. It’s an unusual question to be asked, for most people, because it presupposes an idea that (sadly) isn’t very popular: being alive is a good thing.

It’s a strange question because many people ask the inverse. What do you hate most about being alive? And of course we ask stupid questions like that because these days everyone’s a competitor in the Nihilist Olympics.

What do you enjoy most about being alive? It’s not an easy question to answer. Not because it’s like trying to solve a difficult math problem. But because it forces you to be honest about what you value and cherish in life. And it doesn’t matter how trite or honest you answer it. Whatever answer you give will reveal a lot about who you are.

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