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You never want to be so focused on what you want that you miss something important

Visa Kanv

Today I’m joined by Visa Kanv! (@visakanv) Visa Kanv is a writer best known for his e-book Friendly Ambitious Nerd, along with his Twitter threads and YouTube videos on culture, the internet, nerds, friendship, love, and ambition, among other topics. He’s a deep thinker who notices the relationships between and the beauty of systems, cultures, and peoples.


Visa on Twitter

Get Visa’s book Friendly Ambitious Nerd

Timestamps (for YouTube)

0:00 – Intro

2:00 – Writing 1,000,000 words

7:00 – Chaos, routine, and creativity

12:00 – Research your own experience

15:00 – Ambition and Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

18:00 – Spicy mistakes, tension, deep practice

27:00 – Street Fighter, Diago Umehara, Zen Mind

30:00 – Progress

33:00 – Gratitude

37:00 – Depression, trust networks

42:00 – Celebrity, becoming a target

44:00 – Early Internet

49:00 – Bionicles, BZPOWER, and GameFAQs

51:00 – Meeting internet people IRL

54:00 – Status games and social class

57:00 – Friendship

1:00:00 – Grassroots Communities: Interintellect, Smash Bros Melee

1:05:00 – Ambition defined

1:08:00 – Cultural lag in Singapore

1:14:00 – Can friendliness coexist with success?

1:18:00 – How to reach busy and successful people

1:30:00 – Memes keep us alive

1:35:00 – Fixing the education system

1:48:00 – “Imagination is constrained by what we know”

1:55:00 – The Guillotine Question (false end)

2:00:01 – The necessity of boredom

2:10:00 – Consciousness expanding moments and the beauty of life

2:25:00 – The most important relationship

2:34:00 – One More Final


Victor Wooten

Hayley Williams

The Hard Thing about Hard Things

Street Fighter

The Diago Comeback (EVO Moment #37)

Zen and The art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig

Bobby Scar

Tucker Max

The Metaphors we Live By

The Master and His Emissary

Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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