Though the main character still lives in a pineapple under the sea, the first episode of SpongeBob is incomparable to the latest. (Long, but relevant tangent: I mean the last episode of the last real season – season 3. Episodes beyond that are ‘over evolved’, a parody of itself. It’s the ‘Zombie Simpsons’ Phenomena, aka the ‘beating of a dead horse.’)


Being incomparable to the first iteration: proof of evolution.

I love Twitter creator culture. I love talking to the kinds of people I describe in my opening. Writers. Entrepreneurs. Rascals. Bohemians. But these sorts of people don’t all hang out on creator culture Twitter. They exist elsewhere. The challenge isn’t in reaching out to them, as I’m sure that, over time, I’ll expand my reach. The hard part is keeping my hubris in check and my intentions clear. To not become a zombie, or a parody of myself. To create a context in which we can explore what makes being human so fascinating. Those are some of my aims.

I want to talk to people on my podcast from all backgrounds. I want to learn about what draws people to their work. I want to learn about imperfect, flawed people. Aka everyone. I want to learn what it is that invokes us imperfect and flawed peoples to say yes to life, to affirm that life is worth living despite it’s gravity and our limited understanding of what the hell this all means.

Ultimately, I don’t want to merely talk to people. I want to speak with them.

So who is it that I want to speak with?

I want to speak with people who are curious about the world. I want to speak with people who think about philosophy, psychology, health, food, fitness, economics, biology, religion, science, outer space, robots, animation, movies, technology, literature, war, culture, relationships. Funny stuff. Serious stuff. And everything in between.

I want to speak with liberals and conservatives, republicans and democrats. I want to speak with millionaires, fund managers, and people just making an honest living. People who disagree with me, ask that I clarify my thoughts, and automatons who nod heads and agree with every word I say 🙂

I want to speak with people who disagree with themselves – those most fascinating people who can weigh both sides of a viewpoint with 1 hand. People who care about themselves, their friends, family, culture, community, their work. People who listen more than they speak. People who speak more than they listen. People willed forward by an insatiable thirst for being alive – that’s who I want to speak with.

At first I started this podcast to speak with online creators. I love online creators. But we’re all online these days. So the online part is getting kind of redundant. Here’s a piece of anecdotal evidence to back that up. I’ve had guests tell me that their grandma listened to their grandkid’s appearance on my show. Aren’t grandmas supposed to knit? Nope. Instead, they’re listening to podcasts. And that’s just the coolest thing. We’re all online now. The only thing to do about that is to be online better. I think longform conversational podcasts help with that more than anything.

I’ll end this by letting you in on a little secret. The Penguin Latte Podcast isn’t a podcast. It’s just my excuse (my chance, really, if I’m not being sarcastic) to talk with interesting people. I call it a podcast only because I have to.

Reflecting on the episodes I’ve done so far, I’ve talked with a lot of seriously cool people. Thinking about who I might speak with in the future, well, it feels like I’m a kid again, going to bed the night before a trip to Legoland. Or, who knows. Maybe it’s like I’m a kid again waiting the night before his parents finalize their divorce and this whole thing is going to blow up in my face like an evolutionary biologist at Evergreen.

Either way, I can’t wait.

Still not on Clubhouse.

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