Your chance to

connect with someone

reach out

show them you care

be willing to listen, carefully

laugh at your mistakes (and correct them)

hold yourself accountable

expose yourself to different views

take on the burden of intentional naivete

learn graphic design, microphone and camera basics

create something special in real time

play around in a format with unlimited variability

is all included in the whole package when you start a podcast.

A podcast is a chance to practice and serve. It’s a practice of communication. Of collaborating with someone to create something that can’t be replicated. Of creating a piece of digital content that you can share – practically for free – with any group you want.

And it’s a chance to serve your community by talking about things we all have in common – between us, and between communities. Podcasting, done well, has the power to build bridges.

Starting a podcast is still incredibly cheap and incredibly underleveraged. I hope you consider starting one. And if you do, I hope you make more than 8 episodes.

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