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If you’re not living the life you want, then why is it so important to you to hold onto these hours and days? So many of us, myself included, waste so much time just doing dumb stuff that’s just draining our time. I’ve learned so much from my patients about how not to do that.


This conversation is good for your soul. (Even if you don’t have a soul)

Today I’m joined by Dr. David Grew (@DavidGrew). David Grew is a radiation oncologist and founder of PRIMR MED, a medical content platform which houses digital content to help cancer patients better understand their diagnosis. David Grew is the epitome of a creator using his expertise as a service. In this conversation we discuss, among many things, cancer, automation, content creation, and mortality. Enjoy.

David Grew on Twitter



0:00 – Intro

4:00 – From radio oncologist to creator

7:00 – Automating education

10:00 – Capturing expertise in digital assets

22:00 – “I’m not artistic, nor particularly creative”

25:00 – Cancer

37:45 – Mortality

41:00 – Is getting cancer merely ‘sad’? Is surviving merely ‘good’?

48:00 – Accepting death

54:40 – Advice for the next generation of doctors

1:00:00 – Leveraging the internet for social good

1:05:00 – Pitfalls of internet fame

1:08:00 – Don’t monetize your audience

1:12:00 – What do you enjoy most about being alive?

1:16:00 – Advice for dads

Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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