If you want to see wind, go look at some rocks.

And if you want to see gravity, look at the muscle mass of astronauts who’ve spent too much time in outer space.

Likewise, we can’t see the long hours, disappointments, setbacks, unmet expectations, letdowns, oversights, harsh lessons and other foundational roots of the most successful people in our craft. That is, until we learn to see them – until we know where to look.

And until we learn to see, and appreciate, the years of hard work, mixed with a bit of luck, we’ll keep seeing success as something that happens to us only when we wake up on the right side of the bed.

To build muscle, you can’t just grab your arm and shape it up like a ball of playdough. You build muscle by picking up something heavy. Something that pushes up against gravity, against tension. The same is true for building a business, running a school, learning a language, starting a writing practice, hosting a podcast…

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