There are no bad questions, yeah. But there are a few stupid ones.

The mystery and miracle of a human: a heart pumping oceans of blood to your veins, billions of neural connections firing in your brain as fast as celebrities getting cancelled, countless sperm cells hiding inside of you so that maybe one day you can create another one of these things…

But yet you roll yourself out of bed every morning and ask, “how many more followers can I get on [SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM OF CHOICE] today?”

Really, that’s what this day is for? God, Nature, The Law of Attraction, Sam Harris, or whatever deity you prefer, granted you 1 more day of life. And you see it as just another chance to make a number go up on a social media platform?

Nope. Forget all that divine, mysterious shit – I’m trying to turn 1,125 into 1,126!

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