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I want to write the stories that aren’t being written


Today I’m joined by Beau Haan (@beauhaan). Beau Haan is an actor, model, and hosts a book club using Roam Research. I’d also add storyteller to that list, as Beau’s acting serves as a proxy for dramatizing our most cherished and timeless values. Beau has experience with the dark side of human nature and the transformative power of accepting the collective darkness in all our hearts – a subject we explore at depth in our talk.


0:00 – Intro

2:00 – Roam Research and the Zettelkasten

35:00 – Hollywood, Beverly Hills, stereotypes

40:00 – Kids who want to act; parents who don’t want them to

45:00 – Rejection, talent, hard work, sacrifice

50:00 – Acting, storytelling, note taking

57:00 – Coaching, mentors, empathy

1:01:00 – Darkness, addiction

1:18:00 – Malevolence

1:28:00 – Judging those who’ve been through hell; judging those who haven’t

1:31:00 – Redemption stories

1:33:00 – Ego vs egotism

1:38:00 – Dostoyevsky: Crime and Punishment

1:48:00 – Red Skull

1:57:00 – Fear, risks, and judgment

2:00:00 – Integrating evil

2:07:00 – “When there is gratitude there is no fear”

2:10:00 – Privilege, evil, and love

2:18:00 – Identity

2:22:00 – Yin and Yang

2:23:00 – What’s Beau Haan’s favorite part about being alive?

2:31:00 – Artists and the brain


Roam Research

How to Take Smart Notes

More on Zettelkasten

Red Skull

Friedrich Nietzsche

Bruce Lee

Viktor Frankl

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Crime and Punishment

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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