Your political beliefs aren’t a subset of your personality. Like all objects and ideas, the direction you take towards political matters is informed to some degree by your personality.* If you really wanna impress someone at a party, ask for their favorite biographies and hobbies, then guess who they’re voting for in the coming election.

“Will defend traditional values tooth and nail” and “would rather see traditional values burned to the ground” aren’t personality traits. They’re ideas that slam into the inner magnets of conservatives and progressives.

The more you confuse who you are with the ideas you’re attracted to, the deeper you fall into the pit of a one-sided worldview. The tricky thing here is that your personality is part of you. One of your personality’s jobs is to point to what’s meaningful to you and discriminate against everything that isn’t. No one is interested in everything and everybody. Maybe I’m low in openness, but I just can’t imagine Mother Teresa hanging out at a frat party. Generally: people high in openness are supposed to explore creative domains; people low in agreeableness are supposed to listen to The Ben Shapiro Show.

It seems that asking ourselves why we’re attracted to certain ideas is the only bridge between you and people who don’t see things your way.

*Pick one.

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