Monica Lim — How does Language shape Culture? Is Online Education a Goldrush? (#59)

As you learn languages, you really open up your depth to empathize with people and find connection with people because you can speak their language. It’s a unique connection.


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Monica Lim (@monicalimco) teaches English as a second language to professionals in South Korea. She also has some very cool Notion tutorials on YouTube. In this conversation we explore the strange phenomenon of how a culture is shaped by its language and grammar, the future of online education, therapy, Notion, resumes, podcasts, and more!

Say hi to Monica Lim:

Monica Lim on Twitter

Monica on YouTube


0:00 – Intro

3:00 – South Korea and COVID-19

8:00 – Corporate America and Corporate Korea

11:00 – Language and culture

22:00 – Everyone should learn a second language

28:00 – Language differences and therapy

38:00 – Empathy and teaching

42:00 – Foreign language teachers

47:00 – How to be a great podcast host

54:00 – Twitter

58:00 – Notion vs roam (is a false dichotomy)

1:09:00 – The future of online education

1:21:00 – On Deck

1:33:00 – Final questions


On Deck


Roam Research

Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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