Good at History

Studying history, not just memorizing facts but diving into the oceans of blood left to us by our worst ideas — this is painful. There is no psychic wetsuit that’ll keep you warm enough for your dive into the 20th century and beyond.

We trivialize history. Literally: our schools make exams out of history. On what date did WWI begin? Who was the 6th president of the United States? We turn history into a little game. Score points. Beat your friends. Get good at history. But when asked if the world ever recovered from the events of the last world war, what’s your answer?

Idk, didn’t think that’d be on the exam.

And so…

Schools utterly fail their students when they believe that memorization is a good enough substitute for critical thinking. Placing memorization above reasoning can only lead to compliance. But do schools consider critical thinking worthwhile anymore? That’s for another time.

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