Podcasts and The Search for Truth

Today on the podcast: a 10-minute riff on conversations, plus 3 tips on being a better conversationalist. Click here to listen on Spotify, and here to listen on Apple Podcasts.

More on conversations

(that I wish I had said earlier…)

Mainstream media is as good as dead.

Lucky for us, unlike the death of God, something better has taken its place. It’s called long-form podcasts.

The best longform conversational podcasts nurture truth like a mother cradles her infant. The popularity of 3-hour podcasts usher in a “new” kind of truth. I say “new” because this characteristic of truth has always existed, but mainstream media brainwashed us into forgetting it.

Truth is, truth is uncertain. To be unsure that you’ve got the story straight, hesitant to say you’ve got the facts in order, to challenge your convictions – can you get any more truthful than that? What’s wrong with a little skepticism? Sure, there are things we absolutely know, atoms and chemistry and all that. But what about human behavior? How people should be ordered around, organized and governed? What we are, what drives us? Why are we launching Teslas to the sun? We remain in the dark.

On matters of human behavior, we’re chiseling ourselves out of the unknown with nothing but a butter knife. Or maybe we’re chiseling backwards? Sure seems that way, given that any Business Guru Ted Speaker without a Ph.D can espouse bad science like no tomorrow (see: unconscious bias, racist babies, etc.), and audiences bend over backwards – out of a rapturous “thank God, I (and my infant) can be ridden of an ailment I’m not afflicted with!”

Ideas about human nature that hold any merit whatsoever don’t just fall from the sky. This is why podcasts matter, why conversations matter. The future of humanity is doomed unless we remain free to ask, “wait, what if we’re wrong about this?”

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