Copywriting Truths

This advice won’t help you make more sales. But more money isn’t the point. This is to help you sleep at night.

Copywriting is about making a promise. Making a promise is about truth. These days, people’s bullshit detectors are tuned well enough to snuff out false promises on even the most slick landing pages. The serpent of copywriting lulls us into making ridiculous claims about our products and online courses. Grandiosity and excitement rips people off.

Thus, the best way to write a sales page is to tell the truth.

What do I mean by “best”?

I mean the best for you and the best for your customer. Truth always wins.

  1. Be precise about what you’re selling.
  2. Don’t be afraid to add some humor.
  3. It’s a sales page, not a diary entry. Don’t spend 6 paragraphs talking about your troubled past.
  4. Don’t inflate your expertise. Again, be truthful. If you have a Ph.D, tell them. If you’ve been writing Javascript for 2 years, tell them.
  5. Don’t hint at content, then reveal that it’s behind an upsell. Nobody likes that.

No point in adding more examples. Just remember rule 1.

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