On 5/8 I’m hosting a free workshop on becoming a better conversationalist. It’s called CONVERSATIONS WORKSHOP and you can sign up here. If people like it, I might do it regularly. 15 spots left.

Teaching isn’t about giving out answers. Teaching is about serving up the right questions.

Some questions about conversations I’ll be asking are these:

How can I become a better conversationalist?

What should I practice?

What do I do if I’m nervous?

How do I make a good first impression?

What should I do if they start talking about something I know nothing about?

What if I’m not [fill in the blank]?

Which leads to asking…

What makes a conversationalist a good one?

Which leads to…

Why does being a good conversationalist matter? Why should I bother learning this?

How can conversationalists make us less lonely?

What do conversations teach us about ourselves and other people?

If all goes well and people enjoy it, I’ll be turning this into a hybrid (cohort and pre-recorded content) online course.

See you Saturday.

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