Going for 99

This morning I woke up from a dream about this exact blog post. And since I have nothing more intelligent to share than a dream I had about an MMO I haven’t played in half a decade, here you go.

When I went for 99 cooking, I went to the cooking guild range and cooked.

When I went for 99 fishing, I sat by the fishing guild lake and fished.

At this point my memory fogs the words of this next line. I think it went something like…

A deep appreciation (or sense?) of community (that word I do remember)…will help you get what you want.

If you’ve got a Jungian psychoanalyist on speed-dial, lemme know. I’d love to uncover what it is my unconscious mind is trying to communicate to me with this dream.

Here’s my clinically untrained interpretation of my dream.

I used to play Runescape religiously. It wasn’t unusual for me to play until 6 in the morning.

I played the game so much that I gradually started going for lvl 99 in each skill.

Your character had 20 something skills. Fishing, cooking, woodcutting, fletching, etc. 99 was the highest level.

While I was dreaming the ideas/lines above, I was dreaming about places in Runescape. These places were filled with other player characters going for the highest levels in skills.

I was “successful” in Runescape – in this domain – because I mimicked the behavior of other players (community) going for the highest levels. I did what everyone else did.

Of course, doing something in a game is different than in real life. In Runescape you do the same fixed, programmed thing as everyone else. In real life, goals have variation. An aspiring writer can write about a million different things, but in Runescape, there’s only 1 way to fish for lobster.

Whether in a game or in real life, the point is clear: anyone who’s achieved the highest levels of anything submitted their souls to the grind.

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