Are you losing interest in your creative projects? Good. Me too.

I’ve lost interest in a lot of projects. It’s okay to lose interest and pivot because hey, now you know what not to work on. What could be more valuable than that? Don’t waste any time working on something you hate!

And now, example time.

I tried building a community. I lost interest.

I tried being a coach for creatives. I lost interest.

I dabbled in no -code. I lost interest.

I tried designing a self-paced course on video editing. And even though I spend most of my time editing videos, I lost interest in that, too.

Have you ever played World of Warcraft?

When you play WoW for the first time, you need to pick a character race. Character races are creatures like gnomes, Worgens, night elves, and so on. Each character race has a unique “playstyle.” The playstyle shapes how you interact with the game, defeat enemies, and save the world….of Warcraft.

Creativity is like WoW. When you play Creativity for the first time, you need to pick a creative skill. Creative skills are skills like podcasting, blogging, creating courses, community building, and so on. And since creativity is the adult’s word for playtime, “playstyle” is appropriate here, too.

Just as I would if you were playing WoW for the first time, I encourage you to try out different skills. When you try out different skills, you learn what you don’t like doing.

Learn what you don’t like doing, and you eliminate the nagging worry that you’re doing the wrong thing.

What’s great about creativity is that you can play multiple races – multiple skills – at the same time. You can be a podcaster and a blogger (like me). You can teach a course and build no-code projects on the side. You can stack 3 creative skills, if you’re crazy enough. The possibilities, if I have my math right, are endless.

My creative skill stack looks like this.

Podcaster + online course documentarian + blogger + video editor + workshops

I had to try building a community to learn that it’s not for me.

I had to try building a video-editing course to learn that it’s not for me.

I’ve kept the skills in my skill stack because they’re the most fun for me. These skills spawn creative challenges that best suit the way I think and the tools I like working with.

I love the hyper-focused sensitivity I feel when I’m deep in an edit for an online course. I get to express myself indirectly through the music choice, the pacing, the cuts, the feel of the video. I could make trailers for courses for the rest of my life.

With podcasting, I can be silly. I can be wild. I can be…myself. I get to express myself through a conversation. Many of the guests become good friends. This, too, I could do for the rest of my life. Who knows, maybe I’ll still be hosting the show on my 90th birthday.

Blogging everyday taught me there’s no such thing as writer’s block. Coming up with something coherent, clear, and entertaining to write everyday is an awesome creative challenge that I wish everyone would take up. Doing these posts every 24 hours is one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

Once you know what you don’t like, something funny happens.

You end up appreciating what you do like a heck of a lot more.

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