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Some people think of things as a product. Some people think of it as a network or a community. I think Club Penguin was a community…What matters is that you gave permission for a community to gather.


Today on the podcast I have the honor of speaking with RocketSnail, aka Lance Priebe, the creator of Club Penguin and Founder of Hyper Hippo Games.

Do you remember Club Penguin? I remember Club Penguin. Growing up, there were 2 video games that I played so religiously it became unorthodox: RuneScape, and Club Penguin. I waddled around and met new friends for more hours than I can count. I tried tipping the iceberg. I tried finding rare puffles. I thought RockHopper was real, like Santa Claus. I became Club Penguin Rich after grinding that Minecart minigame for 9 hours a day. I even started my own Club Penguin Blog when I was 12 years old. The blog is actually still online thanks to the awesome power of WordPress.

Lance on Twitter

RocketSnail Games


0:00 – Intro

1:20 – Origins of Club Penguin and Miniclip

9:00 – Origins of Tas 1000

11:00 – Advice for game developers and entrepreneurs

15:00 – Club Penguin vs Webkinz, freemium vs free to play games

22:40 – RuneScape, Jagex, and MMOs

25:00 – RocketSnail’s favorite games

29:00 – Time management tips

30:40 – How Club Penguin became instantly popular

35:50 – Club Penguin gets acquired by Disney, why Club Penguin Island failed

41:00 – Why did RocketSnail leave the Club Penguin team?

43:20 – Mommy, Why did Club Penguin Die?

48:00 – The RETURN of Club Penguin…!?

54:00 – Outro


Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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