I sometimes get this feeling that I’m calling The Surge. The Surge feels like ideas are trying to birth their way through my fingers. I work quicker under the influence of The Surge. And because I’m working quicker, I don’t overwork.

The Surge is an amplified desire to create something no matter how crappy. It’s a fortified will to creativity that seizes you like talons clutching prey. The Surge is the evil twin of writer’s block. Though I wouldn’t call it divine inspiration. It’s not like I’m having tons of good ideas just fall into my lap by the grace of God. Lots of the ideas I get are bad ones. But I’ve benefited immensely from the creative miscarriages I’ve had under the influence of The Surge. And unlike drinking when pregnant, I recommend you keep creating while under the influence.

Maybe I’m just feeling desperation? Maybe that’s what The Surge is – fear. Fear that if I don’t create something, no matter how lousy, I’ll be left behind. No, I think that’s wrong. You’re never left behind because there’s always a group of people who’ve yet to launch their ideas. Peer support lives happily at every level of creative achievement.

If you’re wondering how to trigger The Surge, sorry. I can’t.

It comes, it goes.

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