No Differences? No Culture.

The death of culture is the death of dialogue, debate, and discourse. Dialogue, debate, and discourse all depend on a celebration and acceptance of differences in views.

You should celebrate when someone openly expresses their arguments against yours. That proves you’re not living in a decadent, totalitarian society. And that’s a damn good reason to celebrate.

That openness to express means you’re living in a society in which openness to express isn’t punished. But here in America, we don’t celebrate the freedom to express that we have today, firstly, because it’s invisible. It’s everywhere. And like everything invisible and everywhere, we take it for granted. Secondly, because celebrating anything means you’re a simp. Or, worse, uneducated about historical atrocities committed by our society. Celebration of how good we have it today? Ok boomer.

“Let’s put our differences aside for a moment and…” – wait, no, let’s not do that. How about we let our differences mingle with one another? What would happen if our viewpoints had a playdate? What would become of us if we engaged in a productive debate? Would we become smarter? What could I possibly learn from someone who sees things differently? Would we walk away with a deeper appreciation of the other? A culture that promotes these questions is a culture that thrives.

Political differences, religious differences, views and opinions antithetical to my own, even views and opinions that I think are stupid — this is what makes people interesting.

To put it bluntly, just who the hell wants to live in a culture of pure agreement? Who wants every conversation solved, every debate over before it starts, every discourse moderated to death by the proper selection of words? What kind of culture is it when everyone must tiptoe around sharp eggshells of pointy subjects? A boring culture, that’s what.

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