Do you need expertise to teach online? Do you need a certificate? Do you need a degree?

No. No. No. But that doesn’t mean that online teachers have no standards.

The revolution of online courses and teachers-as-entrepreneurs will flourish so long as barriers are lowered and standards are raised. Online courses do what the ivory towers struggle with most: preparing this generation for itself.

If you’re an artisan with a keyboard, you can teach online.

If you’re disciplined, a bit of an autodidact, and unafraid of hiccups, you can teach online.

If you’re experienced in your craft and care about distilling valuable skills, then yes, you can teach online.

But if you’re looking for a shortcut, forget it. Shortcut seekers are nothing but trouble.

I understand that online courses are a bit of a gold rush. But there’s a reason for that. Many capable, enthusiastic nerds have found a way to celebrate their crafts and pass knowledge down to the next generation. And many charlatans have found tools to cajole people out of their time and money.

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