Unchanneled anger

Making boring work

Making products that nobody wants

A lack of self-respect

A tendency to shrug off all responsibility to someone else

Being too nice

Being an asshole

Letting other people make your schedule

Letting other people make decisions for you

Consuming more than you create

Arguing on the internet about the inconsequential

Drinking alcohol every night

Eating cheap food every day

A messy room

A messy workspace

A life without beauty

A life without art, music, song, and dance

A life without history and literature

Being around people who don’t care about you as a person

Being around yourself when you don’t like you as a person

Not writing

Not reading

Not dreaming

Not making friends who write, read, and dream

Mocking people who write, read, and dream

Pretending your future self doesn’t exist

Deluding yourself into believing that nothing you do has any consequence whatsoever

This is not a complete list.

Avocado toast is not expensive. Almond butter is not expensive. Sushi is not expensive. Bad habits of mind, bad habits of body, bad habits of soul – these are the most expensive things in the world.

Your repressed potential is costing you. We don’t usually think of habits as coming with a price tag. But day after day, little pieces of a better life turn to dust with each moment spent doing something you know you should not do.

Goals demand sacrifice. Having bad habits of mind is like reverse sacrifice: you’re giving up your dreams in return for something petty.

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