Matt Lady — Mental Health, Freelancing, and Thriving in the Creator Economy (#63)

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I am risking not following my dreams if I don’t get help.


Matt Lady is a freelancer for DTC and Ecommerce brands. He writes about mental health. Paul LeCrone is some dude with a podcast. Neither are mental health professionals. But both are incredibly good looking.


0:00 – Intro

1:30 – Creativity

3:30 – Mental health

11:40 – Haters

15:50 – Benefits of therapy

23:00 – Men’s mental health

25:00 – Money and happiness

27:00 – Self-responsibility and support systems

33:00 – Masculinity

42:00 – Finding a good therapist

45:00 – Being productive with ADHD

51:00 – Freelancing

55:00 – Thriving in the creator economy

1:04:00 – Common mistakes of new freelancers and creators

1:21:30 – What to do when you don’t have clients

1:26:00 – Finding client-freelancer fit

1:29:00 – What does Matt Lady enjoy most about being alive?

1:32:00 – Beware the fools gold

1:35:30 – Outro


Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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