Think that 1-star review from ScientologyHobgoblin69 stung like a bitch? Think again. Here’s 2 critics of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.

“an embodiment of the Marxist Soviet propaganda.”

“a lie. a black, infernal creation of a twisted, distorted mind.”

Goodreads reviews have nothing on this.

You can’t get more brutal than literary criticism from the 30s. Sure, the speed at which criticism spreads is infinitely faster now, but the creativity with which one, to put it bluntly, shits all over your work just doesn’t compare.

Good news. Most people are too busy or too tired to write a 500 word scathing hit piece about how your work accelerates the decadence of our culture. The worst you’ll get is a “sucks don’t buy it.” That’ll happen. I guarantee that someone will write a 1-star review telling people that your thing sucks don’t buy it. Fine. Great. You’re going to publish anyway, right?

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