How to Destroy Your Audience and Disappear Completely

Get on any social media platform. Build an audience.

I think this advice perpetuates narcissism. It’s no different than “if you’re not the center of attention, you lose.”

An audience is a group of people who’ve signed up to hear what you have to say. An audience is the dancing crowd at a Coachella day 3 headliner. An audience is the millions who watched Game of Thrones each week. An audience hears, dances, watches – but not everyone in the audience enjoys it.

Imagine your friend wants to go see their favorite band. But they don’t want to go alone. So they ask if you want to join her. You don’t really like this band. Postmodern-Neo-Jazz isn’t your thing. You don’t want be rude, so you say sure. You get to the show. An hour later, you’re in the restroom. You’re on your phone looking for an Uber so you can quietly escape this Neo-Jazz hellhole.

For every, I don’t know, 100 people who follow you online, your content is their Neo-jazz hellhole. They don’t care about what you’re talking about or what you’re selling. And they definitely don’t care about you.

An audience is a hollow thing. Some people might follow you just so they can shitpost reply everything you post on a moments notice. Some people might follow you because they hate you and they hate themselves. I’m sure some comedians have diehard hecklers – losers who have nothing better to do than pay money to be annoying. When you believe that everyone who follows you cares about you, we call that narcissism.

So what’s the alternative?

A community.

A group of friends.

And a realization that you’re not the centerpiece of everyone’s life.

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