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The things that are hardest are the things worth trying


Jonathan Hillis is an entrepreneur, investor, and blogger. Currently he’s building Creator Cabins – an IRL community (aka ‘meatspace’) in Austin for digital creators. In this episode we discuss the different creator economies, why Jonathan is building the creator cabins, and why it’s vital to find work that’s compatible with your personality.

Connect with Jonathan

Creator Cabins


0:00 – Intro

2:00 – What are the creator cabins?

12:30 – And then 2020 happened

16:00 – The challenges of building IRL communities

26:30 – Crowdfunding creators

30:00 – What creators get out of a stay at the creator cabins

31:30 – Meeting people IRL vs online

33:00 – Influencers vs creators, and the creator economy

38:00 – Getting started in the creator economy

43:00 – Are you compatible with the work you’re doing?

52:00 – Jonathan’s favorite mentors and books

58:00 – Think big, think long-term

1:06:00 – The future of creator cabins: decentralized cities

1:09:00 – What does Jonathan Hillis enjoy most about being alive?

1:11:00 – Outro


Jonathan’s 12 favorite frameworks for solving difficult problems

Packy McCormick – The Great Online Game

Please enjoy!

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