A Cheap Trick to Making Good Art with Shitty Tools

Use. Shitty. Tools. Write your novella in notepad. Edit your College Film Studies piece in Camtasia. Paint that cow with Crayola.

If you want to be creative, you need to get constrictive. The trick to enhanced creativity is to ignore everybody who tells you that if you’re not fancy you’re fucked.

You think Chuck Palahniuk was able to write Fight Club because he used the fanciest word editor? Even if he did, you wouldn’t be able to tell. The fancy word editor would just get lost in the background. Nobody really cares what word processor you used to write your novel, anyways. The only people who do are other people who write novels. And that’s basically nobody.

Onto video editing, aka the only artform I’m good at.

I use Sony Movie Studio to make my videos. It’s cheap. It kinda sucks actually. But, contrary to what I tell myself all the time, my videos don’t suck. They’re so good that people with businesses pay me to make videos for them. Sometimes this scares me. Do they know what they’re getting into? Hiring some shmuck from San Diego who’s never so much as dipped his toes in Adobe Premiere?

The direction you take your videos, the drama and emotion and power and humor and personality you put into the edit: that matters more than the effects. Leave the techniques to the nerds. Make us feel something. Remind us that humans still hold a monopoly on art, that A.I will never dethrone the creative spirit sitting deep within.

Before effects, before you get fancy, before you look up tutorials on 3-D GLITCH TEXT YOUTUBE THUMBNAIL SUBSCRIBE BUTTON CLICK SOUND, personality, personality, personality.

Personality is everything. Personality is the lifeblood of all art. Without personality, well, you get art created by A.I. Art created by A.I looks…okay I guess. But okay I guess isn’t good enough. Okay I guess doesn’t move us. Moving us is the point of art. And it turns out that moving us doesn’t cost much.

Direction is everything. I’m probably about to steal this from some wise sage, but whatever. The direction you go matters more than how you get there. Yeah? Is that, like, wise enough does that sound good? I don’t know. Just, you know. Make good art. Ok bye.

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