You know how humans kinda suck at the beginning? I mean way back to the beginning, as an embryo. Embryo’s can’t do a whole lot. They wiggle around and kick and sit in their womb all day. 20 years later, they’re (hopefully) fully-fledged adults capable of all kinds of extraordinary feats like paying taxes and complaining about Wednesdays. This process is called evolution.

Creativity is a lot like evolution. Today you’re making embryonic versions of what your work will look like 20 years from now. But you need to keep chipping away at your craft, week by week. Otherwise 20 years from now you’ll still be making embryos while your friends win Nobel prizes.

This post is an embryo. I have other ideas and points I want to make about creative evolution. I won’t make them here. I want to keep this short. I might put those ideas and these ideas into a video. So for now, this post is good enough for me.

If you practice your craft, you will improve. You will evolve. This is inevitable. If you don’t want to evolve your craft, if you don’t want to improve your skills, then don’t practice.

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