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I can’t do anything I don’t have my heart set to.


The word “community” is synonymous with Rosie Sherry. She’s the powerhouse behind Orbitmodel, RosielandHQ, and IndiewomenHQ. In this conversation we talk digital communities and why they’re rad, sending your kids to school at the beach, happiness, and how to find work that’s compatible with your soul. Please enjoy!

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0:00 – Intro

2:50 – How did Rosie Sherry discover the creator economy?

4:00 – What was the internet like before social media?

12:00 – Community, connection, and creativity

14:30 – What skills does one need to be a successful community builder?

17:00 – Does everything need a community?

19:00 – “Follow your frustration”

23:00 – Seth Godin

24:00 – Know what you don’t want and you will get what you do

26:00 – Do it your way

30:00 – Unschooling and the education system

47:00 – Exercise: it’s a good idea

49:00 – How to find the energy to do all the shit you love to do

52:00 – If you’re unhappy, walk away

1:04:00 – Hustle is a trap

1:07:00 – Are we breeding narcissists by telling them to build an audience?

1:11:00 – The danger of blindly following thought leaders and influencers

1:16:00 – “You can make an impact with a small online footprint”

1:18:00 – Don’t follow an authority, follow a mission

1:21:00 – What does Rosie Sherry enjoy most about being alive?

1:26:00 – Outro

Please enjoy!

Cheers to your good health,


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