My Million Dollar Blog: Secrets to Making Millions as an Influencer


isn’t real. Never will be.

No million dollar tweet. No million dollar YouTube video.

Virality is boring. What, your 1 creation circulates all channels, spews out of all mouths, for all of 15 minutes? 15 minutes! Sounds like I’m exaggerating, but you know that viral videos come and go as quickly as waves on a beach.

You make 1 thing and it’s what people want. It spreads. Far. Across all channels, out of all mouths. 612,328 views. 1,124 comments.

And you make a 2nd thing. It’s sort of what people want. It spreads, but not as much as last time.

And then you make a 3rd thing. It’s not what people want. At all. 800 views. 6 comments. Doesn’t spread. But…

This 3rd thing? It didn’t bring you new subscribers. It brought you something better: fulfilment. You needed to make this thing. You couldn’t do much else before you saved it, backed it up on Gdrive, rendered it, published it, shared it with grandma.

Publish thousands of those 3rd things and you’ll get a sliver of fame devoid of emptiness.

Chase virality at your own peril.

Make what feels right to you.

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