I’m making some changes to the podcast.

  1. No timestamps.

Probably until I can hire someone to do them for me. If I do them myself, a 3-hour podcast totals 6 hours of work stamping times.

2. Some clips.

Until, again, I can hire someone to make a lot of clips. Clips are important. Clips are funnels for the longer episodes. Listening to a 3-hour podcast is a commitment especially when you’re not driving cross country everyday. I want to make more clips but I also want to create other stuff. Would love to have someone do this for me one day.

3. Don’t have people on merely to talk about their Hot New Book or Newest Company.

Unless I’m interested in it. I don’t want people soliciting spots on my podcast just to sell stuff. At first I was bad at picking up this scent, but now I can tell from a mile away who’s in it for the love of conversations and who just wants attention.

4. Less big introductions

I might introduce people if I’m a big admirer of their work. I’m aiming for casualness, spontaneity, and curiosity in my conversations. I want the conversation to feel natural. Shooting the shit with a stranger at a bar or café. But I don’t want people to feel bad if I don’t introduce them. Tough balance. The introductions at the start of each episode is turning into a lot of work I’d rather not do.

That’s it. I’m approaching the 70th episode of the podcast. It’s been a lot of fun. If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll listen.

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