They wouldn’t paint everyday. They wouldn’t start a podcast or write a blog, let alone start a company. Most people wouldn’t start podcasts, blogs, write books, paint cows, start companies, learn languages…Most would have it done for them. The majority would rather criticize the minority that do the things the majority wouldn’t dare.

The majority is ordinary.

But you’re not like the majority. Well, not entirely. You’re as ordinary as me and everybody else. Only you don’t draw the line at ordinary. To you, there is no line. And so you’re hosting a podcast and painting everyday and writing and starting companies and doing all sorts of crazy stuff most people would scoff at. Most would tell you to get a real…It’s always a ‘real’ something. A real job. A real something lucrative. A real something ordinary, something safe. Most would tell you to cancel your membership with the minority, come join us instead.

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