Why should a disagreement get in the way of a good friendship?

If you believe in God and I don’t, can we still go see that movie together?

If you’re politically incorrect and I’m as orthodox and mild-mannered as Terry Gross, am I still invited to thanksgiving dinner?

These seem like silly questions, only they’re not so silly when you consider that we walk away from far too many conversations thinking, “God I really just wanna punch him in the face anytime he brings up feminism.” Resentment: it’s what we get in exchange for a bit tongue.

Some people hold views that usually indicate that being around them will cause you more harm than good. I’m talking about scientology, anti-vax, anything espoused by the far end of either political camp. Though too many of us make mountains out of our friend’s and uncle’s molehill headline level views about whatever was on the news an hour ago.

I wonder how many friendships – decades long friendships – ended after Biden or Trump or Obama were sworn in. I wonder how many contacts were deleted and blocked after so-and-so senator voted this instead of that. I wonder how many family members were disowned, publicly, for sharing an article from That Terrible News Site on Facebook. I wonder how many children are informing on their parents for being just a bit too conservative.

Disagreements cause tension and stress — the perfect mix for a strengthened bond.

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