If you want to convince everyone that you’re right – without opposition – take your idea to a group of people who can’t argue against it.

Who can’t argue for anything except more time on Fortnite?


Children who’re demanding more time on Fortnite are being taught that math is/was racist.

Whoever’s the head of marketing of Critical Race Theory is a genius. “Is there a group that won’t argue against this idea? Yes! Children!” Your 6 year old daughter doesn’t have the cognitive capacity to argue against ideas that even college students find difficulty with. (Not because CRT is hard to comprehend, but because arguing against it sends you to the Campus Conservative Gallows).

I find it absolutely appalling and reprehensible that educators are bending over backwards to the Gods of CRT. CRT is a stupid and harmful idea that further perpetuates racism. Look at your skin color, look at their skin color, look at my skin color. I don’t care how piss poor your grandparents were in the 50s — they must have been privileged somehow.

CRT in the elementary schools is an awful, disgusting idea. Children can’t understand nuance. Despite all the rainbow colored toys they play with, they see the world primarily in black and white (literally, now!), either yes or no, zero or one.

Here’s a video I made on CRT and ideas embedded within it. I hope you’ll enjoy it and share it with people who should like to know what’s happening.

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